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The KSMU foreign languages department's occupational guidance for prospective students
26 November 2015
The actual economic and political environment makes our society place great demands on individual psycho-physiological personality traits. Exchange relations change the nature and the aim of labour. Its intensity increases, high professionalism, human tolerance, responsibility are required. In this regard, it is necessary to pay special attention to the realization of well aimed occupational guidance for prospective students among the young people and school-leavers.
Training "Management in medical education and budgeting based on the mission"
26 November 2015
Training for Heads of departments on the theme: "Management in medical education and budgeting based on the mission," was held on November 2 -13, 2015, according to the project’s Component C implementation "Technology Transfer and Institutional Reform of the health care sector in Kazakhstan" in the Karaganda State Medical University.
We do not sell !
26 November 2015
On 14-15 November, Agency for Civil Service and the Anti-Corruption Cup debate tournament "We do not sell" was conducted in the Karaganda Economic University, within the framework of the youth festival "We are against corruption!".
ARVI prevention.
24 November 2015
On November 14, Department of youth affairs with participants of group "Conferencier" (Head of the group is Aizhan Kurmaeva) conducted the informative action "What is ARVI?" in TC "Tair". KSMU-students were held this action for the second time and they gripped this year more than 300 people.
VictoryinTaraz .
24 November 2015
On November 6-8, XIII Republican " Nur Otan" Cup debate tournament dedicated to the 550 year of the Kazakh Khanate and the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan People's Assembly was conducted in Taraz .
Tournament in Ust-Kamenogorsk.
24 November 2015
On November 6-8, Republican Debate Tournament among medical universities, organized by the Department of internal policy of the East Kazakhstan region was conducted in Ust-Kamenogorsk .
Environmental campaign "Feed up Birds in the Winter"
24 November 2015
On the 12 to 14th of November there was held an environmental campaign dedicated to thirtieth anniversary of VLKSM "Feed up Birds in the Winter". This campaign was held at our university and Central Park under the direction of local officer SCOPH KazMSA Togzhan Myrzaly in collaboration with Karaganda State Headquarters of youth labor detachment "Zhasyl El".
Republican tournament «Zhas Barys»
20 November 2015
During November 4-7th there was traditional republican tournament Zhas Barys on қазақша күрес in comfortable sports complex in Uralsk. This year more than 260 participants from different sides of Kazakhstan took part in competition.
"Journalism is a profession or a calling?»
20 November 2015
Casting called “Journalism is a profession or a calling?” was held on November 5, 2015 year at KSMU. The organizers of the competition were women's club “Ақжүніс” and student organization – students’ republic culture Ministry “Samruk”. The organization was carried out independently and this fact indicates to the confidence of the University towards students. In KSMU this is the beginning of what the students transferred to the active roles, from participation to organization.
Reproductive health.
19 November 2015
On November 17, Department of youth affairs together with specialist of Regional Center for Healthy Lifestyle D.M.Isetova conducted seminar on protection of reproductive health and promote healthy lifestyles for students .
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