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Student Olympics «KSMU OPEN - 2015»
08 October 2015
Sports Club organized the Student Olympics «KSMU OPEN - 2015" on mini-football, volleyball, basketball and togyzkumalak in celebration of the Days of the University.
Language – the gold bridge of friendship
08 October 2015
On September 22, 2015 there was an event devoted to the Day of languages of ethnics of Kazakhstan,сarried out at the Kazakh language department of KSMU. The students of first and second year did their turn at this creative event.
Students of KSMU as a tribute to the elderly.
08 October 2015
On October 1, during the Day of the Elder people, according to the old traditions Basis of psychology and communications skills department's stuff have decided to congratulate the patients of their own clinical base - branch of city hospital № 1. There are mostly therapeutic department's patients-elderly patients and patients from the recently opened branch of nursing care in a hospital.
I am not for sale!
08 October 2015
September 30, 2015 youth wing "Жас Отан" at the party "Нұр Отан" held a meeting of discussion club "Еркін пікір" on the theme: "Formation of anticorruption outlook of youth withing the modern conditions." The main objective of the meeting of the club was to discuss issues in the field of youth policy and to recommend the exact mechanisms for addressing bribery in schools.
The student`s flash mob.
08 October 2015
On October 6, more than 200 students of the university conducted the flash mob dedicated of the 65th anniversary of KSMU. The students were dressed in the t-shirts of different colors.
07 October 2015
III Central Asian Medical Education Conference «MEDICAL EDUCATION – NEW HORIZONTS» was held in Karaganda State Medical University on the 5th -6th of October. The conference started with University days dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the university.
Abay’s reading.
01 October 2015
On August 10,170 years passed after the birthday of the famous Kazakh poet Abay Kunanbaev.Аbay is multifaceted person: poet, philosopher, composer, educator, publicman, founder of Kazakh literature and its first classic.Regional competition of young poets "Абай есімі - әлемге аян" passed in the Z.Bekturov Karaganda regional youth library in honour of the anniversary of great poet.
In regime of trust.
28 September 2015
Academic Dean of Karagandy State Medical University V. B. Molotov-Luchansky took place meeting first-year students withIn regime of trust talking. Such meetings have bekoma tradition of medical students, and on this timeit was faculty of preventive medicine, biology and pharmacy.
International scientific expedition to East Pamir.
23 September 2015
From 26.07.15 to 23.08.15 the representatives of the Medical Universities from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia had taken a part in International scientific expedition to East Pamir (Murgab village, 3660 meter above sea level high), which was organized by Tajik State Medical University named after Abuali ibni Sino. The expedition was managed by professor, Head of Normal Physiology Department of TSMU F.A. Shukurov.
Gift of rector.
23 September 2015
The sportsmen of medical university got a wonderful gift at the start of the academic year.
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