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The friendship of the nation is the main wealth of our Republic!

The friendship of the nation is the main wealth of our Republic!

06 May 2014

 In Fact here are many people and nations live in our country in position of friendship and agreement. The first day of May is a symbol of the peace and agreement in our international and friendly country.

  This day is associated to be a patriotic day for every citizen in our country. The citizens of our country show his respect towards history and friendship of Kazakh nation.

  The main country’s power is social and international agreement which is one of the most important tasks for our country.

  Social agreement and international unity is our biggest wealth. To value, safe and to work at that is the main debt of everyone living in our country.

  There was an occurrence at Karaganda State Medical University on 30th of April called «Friendship» and made for unity of nations who inhabit our country. The meeting was conducted by the first year students of division « General Medicine and Stamathology» A lot of participants of different nationalities such as administration, students and teachers stuck the buttons of the different colors to a blue towel where was drawn the number «1» This figure shows the unity and solidarity of our people. As for blue-sky towel which shows open and cloudless sky. The students were singing the songs and performing different sort of dances during of the meeting. When it was about to be over the students were divided into 2 teams so that they might have a chance to play a game called « A rope of the friendship»

  Congratulations on that holiday named a day of «Nations’ friendship» all people living in our peaceful and independent country.



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