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30 April 2014

The team of KSMU won the first and second places in the IInd Republican debate tournament «Medliga» among medical high and middle schools

The teams of discussion club «Namys» of Karaganda State Medical University took the Ist and the IInd places in this tournament in the format of Lincoln – Douglas (single game) and the IInd place in the format of American parliaments (team game). The competition on the theme «Қазақстанжолы – 2050: Бірмақсат – Бірмүдде – Бірболашақ» had been organized by the debaters of Kazakh National Medical University of S. Zh. Asfendiyarov. It was attended by more than 30 teams of Kazakh league of the republic. The rivals of our team were the team of Astana Medical University, the team of Medical University and Medical College of Semey, the team of West-Kazakhstan State Medical University of M. Ospanov and the team of Medical College of Aktobe, the team of International Kazakh-Turkish University of Kh. A. Yasawi of Turkestan, the team of Pharmaceutical Academy of Shymkent, the team of Medical College of Taraz, the team of Karaganda University Bolashak.

The honor of our university was protected in Almaty by 5 teams. The resolutions of the tournament were devoted to the actual medical problems. For example, the themes were the formation of new mechanism in the sphere of medical insurance, the necessity of euthanasia, actual problems of the rights of the proper management in the state medical establishments, the necessity of the information of the community about medical error and their aftermath by the means of mass-media, the formation of new mechanism of medical tourism development.

The leader of the discussion club «Namys» Zhandos Rakhmetov, the student of the IV year of KSMU, told that the most heated debate flared up around the problem of child euthanasia. The opposition offered to use this measure for all children, which have the serious developmental disorders, for example, the children with Down syndrome. Our team proposed to use this measure only to those children, who have the cerebral palsy. Our team proposed the version of euthanasia at the request of parents. But it must be emphasized that such measure, according to our debaters opinion, can be used only in those cases, when it comes to absolutely sick child. Zhandos says, that the maintenance of such children costs the millions tenge for the state. At the same time it is not possible to identify such disease, unlike others, at the early stages of pregnancy and children can to become sick at a later age. The children euthanasia has been adopted in Belgium. Immediately after the law about children euthanasia enacted in this country, some states, such as Russia, have banned the adoption of orphans by the citizens of Belgium. In our country this question does not even arise at the state level. But debaters decided to talk about this problem and to make a decision whether to spend millions on the maintenance of children with severe pathology or euthanasia should be applied. This topic will be discussed during the nearest international tournament and our «Namys» plans to participate in it.

In addition, Zhandos says, our team offered to develop the local medical tourism by the equipping of the resorts with modern medical equipment. Our debaters were convincing and followed all the rules of the tournament. They lost only one voice during the American parliament to the command of Semey.

Yelena Keller



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