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My traditions – my wealth

My traditions – my wealth

30 April 2014

For revival of traditions of the Kazakh people, promotion of a state language and formation of feeling of patriotism at youth

On April 4, 2014 in the assembly hall of the Karaganda State Medical University competition on the subject "My Traditions — My Wealth", organized by department of educational work and youth policy and sector of legal and patriotic education of KSSU was held. In competition, together with curators, participated five groups . Competition took place in two stages:

I.  Display of various traditions of the Kazakh people within 10 minutes, according to regulations under the provision of competition (құда  түсу, қыз ұзату, шілдехана, бесіксалар and тұсау кесер).

II.  Answers to questions of various traditions of the Kazakh people.

All groups acted at high level. Judges determined winners by the following criteria:

1.  Suits

2.  Regulations of representation of custom, tradition

3.  Support of fans

4.  Artistic skill 

Competition results:

1 place - "The Akzhol auly", curator Suragan Maya (201 KLD);

2 place – '' Aul Aspantau", the curator Abdrakhmanova Kamshat Zhaksylykkyzy ( groups 1-046, 1-048 GM);

3 place - "The Aul Atameken", the curator Kasymova Baktygul Tuleubekkyzy ( group 1-041, 1-043 GM);

In the nomination "Spectator Sympathies" - " Aul Akniet", the curator Milayeva Irina Ivanovna ( group 1-070, 1-071, 1-072 GM);

In the nomination "Amicable Group" - "The Aul Shapagat", the curator Izhanova Gulnara Bisenova (group 1-026, 1-029, 1-030 GM);

Curators of groups didn't remain unattended:  in the nomination "The Best Curator" B. T. Kasimova was awarded. 

In carrying out competition active part was taken by Rustembekkyzy Zh., Nartay Қ.  Ibrahim T., Darmen And.  Ziyaddinova M., Mdenova M., Nazar O. students activists , which were awarded by letters of thanks.

Zhansaya Rustembekkyzy

(group of 4-006 GM)

the head of sector on the legal

and to patriotic education of KSSU



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