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Conversation at the «round table»

Conversation at the «round table»

30 April 2014

The round table « Library service : traditions and new technologies»  was held on 9 April,2014 year in the Karaganda State Medical University.

Heads of library departments were invited for the conversation: Mananbaeva M.Kh, Voytsekhovskaya V.A., Zinchenko S.G., Chernyavskaya L.V., Fadina O.A. and students of the 1-5 years of General Medicine and Stomatology, Preventive medicine, biology and pharmacy faculties.

Participants of the meeting were discussing questions and perspectives of library departments work perfection, in particular creation of improvement for conditions for service of students.

The basic tendencies of compilation, condition of book editions on the state language were analized and  attention was paid to the full texts bases of the library  during the «Round table». The participants were discussing the themes: work with debtors, participation of students in the library work. The «Club of initiative students» gives some proposals: to establish the coolers with drinking water at the territory of the library, to create the volunteer team for the help to the library, to carry out different actions related to the library activity.

The specialist of the library supported the proposals of students and made a decision to enter representatives of the «club of initiative students»to the member of the «Library council».

Director of the library

Shegay L.A.



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