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The meeting with the academician T. Sh. Sharmanov

The meeting with the academician T. Sh. Sharmanov

18 April 2014

The meeting of students with the President of Kazakh academia of nutrition? the academician of Russian academia of medical sciences and National academia of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Toregeldy Sharmanovich Sharmanov.

The owner of the diploma №1 of Karaganda state medical institution, Toregeldy Sharmanovich with the special warmth says about his alma-mater, and accentuates that in this institute he became a doctor, met his sole love and partner in life. Toregeldy Sharmanovich noted, that he built his live so as to be worthy of the title of a graduate of Karaganda medical institute. Indeed, the regalias of academician have more than one line, his contribution to science is difficult to overestimate.

At the meeting with the students they talked about the medical profession. Toregeldy Sharmanovich talked about modern medicine, its peculiarities and how it is important to win the confidence of the patient. «Medicine – an exact science, – said Toregeldy Sharmanovich, and it imposes a special responsibility on the medical profession». It was a philosophical, emotional and at the same time filled with scientific facts talk about modern medicine.

Then Toregeldy Sharmanovich shared his plans. His visit to Karaganda is not by accident. At the meeting of the Coordinating Council on the implementation of the State program of forced industrial-innovative development is considered a project of producing of dry powder of natural mare's milk by vacuum drying provided by «Eurasia Invest Ltd» (Osakarovka district). 

This technology allows to fully preserve the useful properties of fresh mare's milk. Even in Soviet times Toregeldy Sharmanovich raised the question about the special properties of this natural product. And now his idea is close to fruition. The scientific support of the project will be carried by Karaganda state medical university .



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