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Innovative applicants

Innovative applicants

15 April 2014

Three teachers from Karaganda state medical university were among the winners at the end of the Republican contest. Awarding ceremony with the participation of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aslan Sarinzhipov held recently in Almaty.

The lucky owners of the honorary title became Roza Begaydarova – professor, doctor of medical sciences, the head of the Department of children infectious diseases; Berik Koichubekov – doctor of biological sciences, the head of the Department of medical biophysics and informatics and Roza Alimkhanova –  doctor of medical sciences, professor of the Department of surgical disciplines FCPD.

It is difficult in a few words to describe the scientific advances of these three winners. To capture the essence of their activities and sum the brilliant results for last five years (this is the period of time had been considered in the competition), the participants had to prepare the detailed information about themselves.

Roza Begaidarova, the doctor of the highest category, the high achiever of health care, in 2005 was awarded the title «Best teacher of MES RK». Professor has devoted almost 40 years of scientific activity in the field of child infectology. She has over 400 scientific publications, 5 monographs, 25 guidelines, 6 inventions, 20 innovations.

Her colleague Berik Koichubekov is also actively engaged in scientific work. His areas of interest are the problem of psychophysiological adaptation to environmental factors, mathematical models of physiological processes, new methods of analysis of electrophysiological signals. He is the author of 79 publications, 7 inventions. Under his leadership it was developed the number of software products for the automated processing of biomedical data, hardware and software system for the biocontrol feedback had been created.

The third winner Roza Alimkhanova is the renowned scientist in the field of pediatric orthopedics. She developed a new direction in the treatment of congenital abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system. She is the author of 120 scientific papers published in international and national issues. She has a lot of awards at various levels.

To participate allowed the citizens of the republic, which are regular teachers of universities and having achievements in research and teaching. The competition traditionally held in two stages. The first level was held at the university, and the winners were recommended by the Academic Council to participate in the national stage. All three members confidently held the selection in KSMU and with the dignity upheld the honor of the university at the national level.

According to the contest results for the best university teacher 200 people honore, they were the representative persons of 63 educational institutions of the country. Each of them received a state grant in the sum of 3 million tenge for the research and development of educational projects, publication of monographs and manuals, as well as abroad internships at leading universities of the world.

Given the fact that all three teachers are in progress of therir active researches and development the provided government grants will help them to implement the next important projects/

The grant gives the opportunity to continuously improve the professional skills and also allows to enhance the international cooperation between leading universities and abroad, – Roza Begaidarova says. – Annual awarding of the title of the best teacher, certainly is conducive to the pedagogical skills rise, to improve the quality of teacher training, to attract the young professionals and scientists to the country's universities, to introduction the innovation in the educational process.




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