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Interdisciplinary approach do student's scientific circle carrying out

Interdisciplinary approach do student's scientific circle carrying out

07 April 2014

On 02.04.2013 year , on the basis of Karaganda city maternity hospital a meeting of interdisciplinary student scientific circle ( SSC ) with the participation of the department of internal diseases № 2 and Obstetrics and Gynecology was held. There first results of a collaborative student research project " Prediction and assessment of risk factors somatic status of women with intrauterine fetal development " have been reported , whose aim was the integration of scientific knowledge in the field of obstetrics and gynecology and internal medicine.

 Students of the Faculty of General Medicine , members of the SSC at the  Department of internal diseases  № 2 - Daribay M. 4 -039 group and Kovalenko E. 5-039 group informed the participants of the meeting with the analysis of risk factors for intrauterine fetal development in pregnant women of  Karaganda region , presented the structure of extragenital pathology investigated the women's category . Interns gynecologists 6-004 group members of the SSC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology , Borovskaya  К. and  Velikanova  М. were continuing the report, which covered issues of diagnosis of intrauterine growth retardation , the tactics of pregnancy and childbirth in the development of the disease state , presented the results of analysis of outcomes of pregnancy and childbirth in the studied group.

Good continuation of  the scientific project would be a study of children born with intrauterine fetal development . At the end of the meeting there was an idea to attract members of the SSC of Childhood Illness . To be continued ........

  internal diseases department №  2



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