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Training seminar on Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine

Training seminar on Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine

11 May 2014

At the moment the problem of constructing the diagnosis, as in vivo and post-mortem remains relevant, because of the increasing frequency polypathy and lack of unified approach to construction of diagnosis, which reduces the objectivity of statistical data on a structure of morbidity and mortality, complicates clinical and pathological comparison of diagnoses. These problems, in turn, can not affect the adequacy of planning and carrying out preventive and therapeutic measures. In this regard, the Head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine, Professor MM Tusupbekova constantly consulting work in which has become a tradition oraganizatsiya training workshops and master classes. At the Department of 28, 29, April 30, 2014 training seminar "Topical issues of forensic medicine and pathological anatomy. Design principles of clinical, post-mortem and forensic diagnoses. 

" The seminar covered issues of building diagnosis, assessment of iatrogenic pathology and their categories, examination and morphological diagnosis of traumatic and non-traumatic brain hemorrhage, questions morphological verification of tuberculosis, coronary heart disease, disseminated intravascular coagulation and shock. The seminars were conducted by Prof. Tussupbekova MM, assistant Kostyleva OA and assistant Kamyshanskiy YK.

In this paper, the training seminar was attended by 28 people - the faculty of the Department of Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine of KSMU, pathologists of Karaganda region and forensic experts-tanathologists, forensic experts histologists of Karaganda branch of Republican Centre of Forensic medical examination, pathologists of National research center of Astana, Bureau of pathology, Almaty city. Great interest was aroused by the lecture of prof. Tussupbekova MM about iatrogenic pathology in obstetric and gynecological practice. The seminar discussed the interesting clinical cases, surgical and biopsy material.

Department Pathological anatomy and Forensic medicine.



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