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"The Formation and Song Parade"

"The Formation and Song Parade"

06 May 2014

Facing the Defender of the Motherland Day and the Victory Day in the KSMU medical college teachers of humanitarian disciplines organized and held the competition "The Formation and Song Parade".  The students of the 1st course took part there.

Carrying out this action was accompanied with the music actions and reading of the poem of R. Rozhdestvensky "Requiem". In honor of dead serviceman a one-minute silence  was declared.

   Competent jury  represented by the chief of a staff civil defense of KSMU, the colonel on the sidelines, the veteran of Armed forces of the Rapublic of Kazakhstan Zinin A.M. highly appreciated the ceremonial drill and vocal skills of the 1 course students (group 105 CCM), having awarded it the first place on the sum of got points.

  Following the results of competition places were distributed as follows:

1 place – participants of  the 105 CCM group team

2 place – participants of  the 106 CCM group team

3 place – participants of  the 101 CCM group team

   After rewarding procedure medical college students sent in the sky 100 balloons with white cranes to the music by R. Gamzatov's rhymes "Cranes".



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