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KSMU “аруы” 2014

KSMU “аруы” 2014

06 May 2014

Carrying out at the Karaganda state medical university of an annual beauty contest “KSMU “аруы” 2014" became a good tradition.  For the first time, carried out, now in such far 1995, now, after nearly twenty years, competition is one of  the large-scale cultural actions of higher education institution.

The project traditionally passes with support of the management of university, and as the organizer the department of educational work and youth policy of KSMU acts.  Untill 2001 the competition “KSMU “аруы” 2014 took place in our university walls.Later, in connection with the increased popularity of action, organizers made the decision to transfer action to a scene of drama theater of name K.S.  Stanislavsky. 

The casting of competition since April 5 was in the assembly hall of KSMU. Requirements imposed to participants, were quite high: maintaining an active way of life, skill to communicate, charm, charisma, virtuosity, sense of humour, good progress and plasticity. By words organizers, the main selection criteria of pretenders were not only external appearance of girls, but also rich inner world existence. Thus, the best pretenders were selected.

In 2014 for a title of the most beautiful girl of KSMU 11 beauties fought:  Aleksandra Kutimskaya (204 KLD, medical college), Asem Madesh (2-034 GM), Lyazzat Gaziz (1-002 OZ), Karina Muntayeva (1-075 GM), Sandugash Belasarova (2-074 GM), Samal Sadulova (3-022 GM), Asel Shaykenova (1-009 GM), Aydana Moldabekova (3-019 GM), Aneliya Shaltabayeva (1-082 GM), Anar Bazilova (1-006 St) and Sirokhi Diksha (3-001 GM).  However the law of any competition is severe - the winner had to only one. 

This year representatives of banks "Sberbank", "Tsesnabank", Frant fashion houses, beauty shop "Natali", and  also the chairman of labor union of employees, teachers and students of KSMU N. N. Nauryzov were a part of jury of competition.

First of all the jury estimated ability of girls to present the creative talents, and also to show knowledge in the field of medicine.  As it appeared, to be the person of the university- is a big responsibility. 

Competition KSMU "аруы" took place in three stages:  business card, question-answer, competition of talents.

As well as it is necessary at the beauty contests, "business card" became the first test for girls.  Each participant told about herself and the hobbies, shared dreams and plans for the future.  Fans supported contestants completely, seeing off a storm of applause each of participants.  After that girls showed sharpness and ingenuity in intellectual competition "Question-answer".

The following stage – competition of talents during which pretenders to a crown of Ms. of KSMU danced, sang, played on dombyra and showed theather elements.

The fashion show of participants in various dresses became a binding thread of all three competitions.  At first girls represented dolls.  Then, showed ability to wear national suits.  And, at last, a competition highlight – the fashion show in evening dresses, brightly opened all feminity, grace and charm of each of participants.

 By the time of rewarding, opinions of  judges were shared: a man's half chose the most effective and long-legged, and female – the cleverest. At last after half-hour discussion the winner was defined. As a result of fierce debate, careful discussion of the brightest performances, scrupulous weighing of all pros and cons – “KSMU аруы 2014" the student of the first course Aydana Moldabekova got a crown of the winner of a beauty contest. Corona transferred ex-– Ms. of qmu Kymbat Estayeva. Vice-Ms. became Lyazzat Gaziz, the representative of faculty of preventive medicine, biology and pharmacy. One more finalist of competition Diksha Sirokhi received a special prize in the nomination "Ms. Grace" from "Sberbank". The title "Ms. Talent" won Asem Madesh- student from 3 course. In the nomination "Ms. of Spectator Sympathies" Samal Sadulova won a prize. All without exception of the participant gained honourable diplomas and valuable prizes from sponsors. 

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