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“Poetry party about love”

“Poetry party about love”

04 May 2014

The internal diseases department №1 with the therapists-internists of the 6th year, under lead of the head of department D.Zh.Tayzhanova and the course’s mentors – Tauesheva Z.B., Guseinova Z.K. were spent the “Poetry party about love”. The party leaders were internists of 6-071 group N. Layer and D. Kalmurzin. The head of organization committee was Kahanova M. – internist of 6-071 group. The head of the department Tayzhanova Dana Zhumagalievna, had a speech about of the poetryat the party. Works of the famous poets as A.S.Pushkin, S.A.Yesenin, M.I.Cvetayeva, A.Kunanbayev, M.Shahanov, M.Makatayev, R.Rozhdestvensky, Omar Hayam, W. Shakespeare, A.Ahmatova, F.Ongarsynova,I.Annensky and A.Kochetkov were presented on the party. The party guests were the dean assistant of the internist faculty Sharapieva Zhanna Beketovna, the internal diseases department №1 faculties and the therapists-internists of the 6th year. 



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