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Tactical and special trainings in KSMU

Tactical and special trainings in KSMU

22 April 2014

According to the instructions of Ministry of Emergency Situation of The Republic of Kazakhstan and following the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of Civil Defense and Emergency Situation and according to the plan approved by Akym of Karaganda city dated 7th of October, 2013 the following events were carried out.

1. Civil Defense special tactical training on the theme: “Cooperation of Civil Defense formations in the course of localization and liquidation of consequences of industrial accidents, natural disasters, and sabotage and reconnaissance force actions.

2. Alert and muster training.

3. Emergency condition training.

The aim of special tactical training:

1. For leading and team-leading staff:

-  To give practice to team leading staff in the formation of SD, by the services of SD and ES and attached for control by the structural subdivisions during liquidation of consequences of ES and actions of SRF.

-  Improvement of work in transferring the SD of KSMU from peaceful to military situations in conditions of industrial accidents, disasters causalities, and actions of SRF.

2. For the formation of SD and services of SD and ES:

-  Revision of preparation degree on performing retriever and other crash dives and understanding their functional duties ,

-   Improvement of knowledge’s by practical training of actions in performing the events of SD and ES.

3.  For teachers, colleagues, workers and students:

-   Consolidation of gained knowledge on the passed program of training using practical actions as the situation may demand.

Trainer: Principal of KSMU – Commander of Civil defense of KSMU, doctor of Medical Science, Professor Dosmagambetova R.S.

Specific operational practice involves:

-  Chief Deputies of CD of KSMU.

-  Faculties deans – commanding officers of CD of faculties, AHA, SRC, TC, TCC, medical college, library and departments with the staff;

-  Heads of departments with their colleagues;

-  Subordinate commanders of CD and subordinate staff of CD of faculties according to the lists of the career staff and order of the commander of CD KSMU № 223 from 4th December 2013 “Organization and leading CD in KSMU in 2014”

-  Military training department of KSMU:

Commander of the military training department with their colleagues;

-  Heads of service of CD and ES of AHA and personal staff of CD services and ES of AHA:

a) emergency-technical

b) fire-fighting

c) communication

d) commandants

e) medical on the stomatological clinical base and KSMU polyclinic.

f) transport on the base of garages

Common direction of conducting special tactical trainings and trainings were performed by the chief of Civil Defense, rector KSMU, doctor of medical sciences, Professor Dosmagambetova R.S.

The special tactical training exercise, alert and military training, emergency exercises were involved by chief of staff of civil defense of KSMU Zinin A.M.

-  Overhead personal – 26 persons;

-  Subordinate commanders of civil defense – 26 persons;

-  Personnel of formations -266 persons;

-  Academic teaching staff, workers, administration and students who aren’t  members of personal formations of civil defense – 200 persons were involved during special tactical training exercises -1018 persons are participated.

Set by the chief of Civil Defense of KSMU – principal of KSMU tasks are complete accomplished.

Summative assessment is “Good”

Conclusion: KSMU for accomplishment of Civil Defense tasks “Ready”

For accomplishment of right coordinated actions, manifestations of sensible initiative, creative work and efforts during preparation to training exercise, efficient leadership are awarded.

А Letter of gratitude:

-  Abdrahmanova R.A. – the teacher of orthopedic dentistry, medical college the commander of the rescue team;

-  Aubakirov C.E. – the assistant of the department of therapeutic stomatology, the commander of the rescue team;

-  Ainakulova A. E. – the assistant of the department of epidemiology, communicative hygiene;

-  Estemesova K.A. – the Director of medical college;

-  Zhunusov E.S. –the chief of staff of the Faculty of Civil Defense internship.

-  Isaeva A.N. –the assistant of the department of Childhood illness №2 , commander of the connection unit;

-  Kalishev M.G. – responsible for the course of general hygiene and ecology;

-  Kamarova A.M. – Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Preventive Medicine and Biology, Pharmacy;

-  Kazhanova P.T. – Deputy Director of the Medical College;

-  Koshenova A.A. –the assistant of Traumatology department, commander of nursing;

-  Marchenko A.B. – the assistant professor of internal diseases №2, commander of nursing;

-  Omarova A.K. Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, Biology and Pharmacy;

-  Oborok L.G. – the commandant of the educational buildings № 1,2;

-  Priz V.N. - the Dean of the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, Biology and Pharmacy;

-  Pereverzev V.I. –the  cleaner of educational building № 4;

-  Ramazanov A.K. – the assistant of physiology department, responsible for Civil Defense;

-  Takuadina A.I. Deputy Dean of the Faculty of General medicine and Stomatology4;

-  Shalaev G.U. – the teacher of the military department;

-  Fedina N.N. – the teacher of Medical college.

B.  Commendation was awarded to:

-  Aimbetova D.B. - the vice – manager of training computer center;

-  Askarova M.K. – responsible for Civil Defense in KSMU policlinics;

-  Alieva G.G.- the teacher of history of Kazakhstan and social-  politics disciplines department, commander of  fire-fighting unit;

-  Dvurechnskaya E.M. – the head of household in the educational building №4; 

-  Dusmailov R.M -  the assistant  of the department of the Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine ;

-  Zhakupova D.E.- the teacher of the department of the history of Kazakhstan and SPD, commander of the  fire-fighting unit;

-  Volodko T.P. -the deputy head of the educational section of the library;

-  Vorobyova R.B.- the  assistant  of the department of  Obstetrics and Gynecology, commander of PR unit;

-  Volokontsev D.A.-  the assistant  of the department of surgical diseases № 1, commander of the unit  of issue of TIP;

-  Elubaeva G.D.-the  laboratory assistant of  EKC;

-  Zhandarbekova L.O.-  the teacher of the department of  the Kazakh language;

-  Karibzhanova R.T.-the Senior teacher of the department of the Anatomy;

-  Kinayatov M.A.- the teacher of the department of the molecular biology and medical genetics, commander of the  fire-fighting unit;

-  Kommissarova S.S.-the head of the public department;

-  Kurmanova A.T. - the teacher of the department of Inner diseases;

-  Kositsyn D.L.-  the assistant  of the department of the pathological Anatomy, commander of PR unit;

-  Kluev D.A.- the assistant professor  of the department of biological chemistry, commander of the unit  of issue of TIP ;

-  Latypov N.S.- the  teacher of BMP of medical college;

-  Makhanov G.K.-the teacher of chair of medical biophysics and informatics, commander of PR unit;

-  Makhambetaliev N.S.- the assistant  of the department OVP№ 2;

-  Mukeeva B. E- the senior teacher of the department of  Kazakh, commander of PR unit;

-  Moldakulov B.T.- the teacher of department of epidemiology and communal hygiene , Chief of staff of  Civil Defense of PC, B and Ph faculty;

-  Miataeva d.B.- the training craftsman of military chair ;

-  Nasyrova A.B.-  the head of the Department of  the Kazakh language;

-  Nikolaeva T.L.- the teacher of general pharmacology, commander of PR unit;

-  Orlova I.I.- the teacher of the department of social medicine and  health care management, commander of the unit  of issue of TIP ;

-   Tokubaeva M.K. -the specialist of library marketing;

-  Usmanova R.K. - the cleaner of educational building №4;

-  Shmakov A.S.-  the teacher of the department of inner diseases, commander of RChO unit;

-  Sharapieva G.B.- the Deputy head of the internship faculty;

-  Yaroslavtseva E.D. - the teacher of  chemistry of medicine college.



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