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History is a direct teacher

History is a direct teacher

05 March 2021

What we do today, the work we do, our behavior and everything we say will be history for the next generation. Will they be grateful for an instructive and educated example? Or will we be damned by doing nothing? A situation for thought for an educated and humane person.

“History is a direct teacher. History is a guide to life, ”Alikhan Bokeikhan said. Today, a curatorial educational hour dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the leader of the nation Alikhan Bokeikhan was held for first-year students of Karaganda Medical University, specializing in TPP. Organizer: Abdrakhmanova Kamshat Zhaksylykovna, Assistant Professor of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and ISPD. The event aroused the interest of students who expressed their gratitude.

Education and upbringing are similar concepts. Obviously, if the youth of the university is educated and well-mannered, and even patriots of their country, they will be grateful to us.



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