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06 February 2020

The military department of the Medical University of Karaganda on a competitive basis selects students for training under the program of reserve officers on a free and paid basis.

First-year students (with 4-year education) and second-year students (with 5-year education) who are not older than 24 years old for the year of the competition are allowed to participate in the competition.

To participate in the competition, you must submit an application to the training department of the military department (7 Alalykina St.) from February 10, 2020.

List of documents for participation in the competitive selection:

1. Statement,

2. Identity card (original and copy),

3. Certificate of registration or military ID (original and copy),

4. 2 photographs measuring 3x4 cm,

5. Certificate of presence or absence of a criminal record,

6. Document (if any) confirming sporting achievement,

7. Certificate of actual student education at the university, signed by the dean of the faculty.

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