Karaganda Medical University
«Medicine and Ecology» journal
Monthly newspaper «Medic»
For PhD students
Competences of graduates

1)  demonstrates a systematic understanding of health within the scope of their qualifications, skills, and research methods used in this field;

2)  uses knowledge and expertise to critical analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of new and complex ideas, which are at the forefront of health;

3)  able to conduct independent research and to work on research impact, shows a sustained interest in the development of new ideas and projects, leading to the emergence of new technologies in health care;

4)  participates in oral or written form, in professional discussions, publishes the results of studies in international academic journals;

5)  generates ideas, predicts the results of innovative activities, promotes the academic and professional context of technological, social, or cultural development of a society based on knowledge;

6)  demonstrates leadership, innovation, and independence in employment and training activities in new contexts that require solving problems related to a variety of interrelated factors;

7)  able to communicate on topics in their areas of expertise with equal status, with the broader scientific community and society;

8)  demonstrates self-awareness skills, the commitment to learning throughout life, and experience of teaching in higher and postgraduate education.