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Languages development center

Languages development center

Languages development center

Languages development center was established in the 2020-2021 academic year as a result of the association of Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages departments. The center is headedby a candidate of philological sciences M. A. Maretbaeva.

The teaching staff consists of a doctor of philological sciences Zhalmakhanov Sh. Sh., Associate professors: candidate of philological sciences Kaukerbekova B.S., candidate of pedagogical sciences Burmistrova V.A., candidate of philological sciences Kucherenko O. F.,  candidate of philological sciences Keller-Deditskaya E.R., candidate of philological sciences Sizov D.V., candidate of philological sciences Kuanisheva A.B., assistant professors: master of pedagogical sciences Alpisbaeva A.K., master of pedagogical sciences Mukeeva B.E., master of pedagogical sciences Ospanova G.E., master of pedagogical sciences Medieva S.K., master of pedagogical sciences Erzhanova A.S., Sorokina O.N., Kabush T. Yu., master of philological sciences Pankova N.I., Savina N.N., Bekbalakova N.A., teachers-tutors: master of arts Kenzhebekova A.G., Mishchenko A.N., teachers: master of pedagogical sciences Aubakirova A.A., master of pedagogical sciences Zhandarbekova L. O., master of arts Shilke V.V., master of pedagogical sciences Tynymbaeva M.E. Methodists: master of arts Sheripova G.A., Kerimbekova M.Zh.

Languages development center carries out educational, methodological, research, and educational activities at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels and implements work within the state program framework "Rukhani zhangyru" at the university.

The center offers a four-level Kazakh language course for the teaching staff. Teachers of the given course are responsible for the implementation of the state program for the transition to the Latin alphabet and KazTest project. In addition, the "Soile"club is open for teaching staff since 2020-2021 academic year.

The teaching staff of the сenter improves their professional and pedagogical skills on a regular basis. The research publications in the field of pragmalinguistics, linguistics, cognitive linguistics, pedagogy, and modern linguistics are an indicator of the potential of the teaching staff.