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Riklefs Viktor Petrovich

Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and International Cooperation

Riklefs Viktor Petrovich

Riklefs Viktor Petrovich, born in 1979, ethnical German. He attained the bachelor degree from Karaganda State Medical Academy in Biomedicine (information technologies) in 2002, and Master degree in Biophysics in 2003. In 2007, he acquired the PhD in Physiology. In 2013, he got the academic degree of International Master of Health Professions Education from Maastricht University (Netherlands). Currently, he is the PhD candidate in Maastricht University at the School of Health Professions Education. 

Since 2003, he is actively involved into teaching in KSMU, first as the Assistant Professor and then as acting Associate Professor of Department of Medical Biophysics and Informatics. In 2007-2017 he was the Director of KSMU Practical Skills Centre; In February-August 2017 he was the Director of Centre for Transfer of Innovative Technologies. In August 2017, he is appointed the Vice-Rector for Education.

Besides Russian, he is fluent in English, has limited German proficiency and is actively learning Kazakh. He underwent the intensive training in use of medical educational technologies at the University of Southampton (UK) in 2007, at Miami University (USA) and at World Federation of Medical Education (Copenhagen, Denmark) in 2009. Since 2008, he is actively involved into leading the workshops in simulation technologies and active learning methods for medical educators. Through academic mobility network, he organised the similar workshops at Medical Institute of Surgut State University in 2013-2015. In 2014 and 2015, he was the main speaker at conferences for Directors of Simulation Centres of medical universities in Russian Federation.

He has more than 90 publications (1 with ISI Web of Science impact factor, 1 with Scopus impact-factor, 9 with RSCI, Hirsch index of 3), 5 patents, 2 intellectual property rights, more than 25 oral and poster presentations in medical education international conferences: Association of Medical Education in Europe in Prague (2008, 2013), in Glasgow (2010, 2015), in Vienna (2011), in Lyon (2012), in Milan (2014), in Barcelona (2016) and Helsinki (2017); ROSMEDOBR conference in Moscow (2013-2016); Ottawa conference for Assessment in Medical Education in Kuala-Lumpur (2012) and Ottawa (2014); Asian Pacific Medical Education Conference in Singapore (2011). He has more than 50 publications in medical education.

He is the member of different associations in medical education: Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Association for Study of Medical Education (ASME), Simulation Society in Healthcare (SSH), Russian Society for Simulation in Medical Education (ROSOMED). He is a member of AMEE Research Committee.

He was the associate investigator in 3 research projects sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2001-2004, 2009, 2007-2009) and principal investigator in research project in 2012-2014 sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Science. He is a member of working group in 2 Tempus and Erasmus+ CBHE projects in 2013-2018 (virtual patients and problem-based learning). In 2001, he was the awardee of the Russian aerospace agency “Ecology and Space”; in 2008-2010 – the awardee of State scholarship for talented young researchers by Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan; in 2016 he got the Letter of Appreciation from the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

E-mail: V.Riklefs@qmu.kz