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Public affairs department
Public affairs department

Public affairs department

Public affairs department

Public Affairs Department of Karaganda Medical University is the structural subdivision, which provides information management of the University activity.

Press Service of Karaganda Medical University was organized in February 2012, and charge of the subdivision was taken by Nadezhda Georgiyevna Azarova, a specialist with broad experience in the field of information provision. In 2019 a journalist Khvatikova Tatiana Borisovna.In 2022 - Dastan Aidan Baurzhankyzy.

Intended function of the Department is the information provision of the University activity and communication of Rector of «MUK» NCJSC with the mass media; formation of objective public opinion about the University activity through the mass media and official website of «MUK» NCJSC; monitoring of the mass media on the University activity; regular publication of “Medik” large-circulation newspaper; provision with photographs and photo products of subdivisions and activities of the University.

At present, at Public Affairs Department the following employees work:

Dastan Aidana Baurzhankyzy, the Head (DastanA@qmu.kz, 50-39-30 (1513);

Khvatikova Tatyana Borisovna, chief specialist, editor of the newspaper "Medic" (Hvatikova@qmu.kz, 50-39-30 (1228);

Kayrullova Dina Zhasulanovna, а specialist (Kayrullova@qmu.kz, 50-39-30 (1443);

Maralbay Akmaral Zhumataikyzy, designer (MaralbayA@qmu.kz, 50-39-30 (1427);

Konstantin Sergeevich Pavlenko, рhotographer.

The main functions of Public Affairs Department are: arrangement of press conferences, interviews of Rector, heads of structural subdivisions, and etc.; preparation of official reports for the mass media on the activity of «MUK» NCJSC; formation of objective public opinion about the activity of «MUK» NCJSC through the mass media; prompt informing the University Administration of the mass media position, concerning the presentations and decisions, responses in the press, on television and radio, state of public opinion; regular editorial preparation of “Medic” newspaper publication by collecting the materials, editing, proofreading; editing, posting and updating information on the official website of «MUK» NCJSC; preparing and making photographs of the activities and subdivisions of the University.

Broad working experience, professionalism, dynamism, responsibility and diligence enable the staff of Public Affairs Department to cope effectively with the ever-increasing amount of information connected with the development of its role in the modern society, to respond to the challenges of the times, to conduct efficiently its activity. Coherence, high consciousness and discipline, unconditional implementation of working plans are the key components of successful functioning of Public Affairs Department.