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Human Resource Management Department
Human Resource Management Department

Human Resource Management Department

Human Resource Management Department

The Human Resource Management Department was created in 2013.

Human resource management is the field of knowledge and practical activities aimed at ensuring the organization of qualitative personnel capable of implementing labor functions assigned to them and its optimal usage. Human resource management is an integral part of qualitative systems of the organization management.

The purpose of HR-management - hiring, retention, motivation, improvement and professional training of competent and motivated staff that can efficiently and effectively help to implement the goals of an enterprise. In the personnel management system, the staff is the assets of an enterprise, human capital that should be enhanced and developed.

The challenges faced by in front of  Department  staff may also include the following:

• Organization staff supply in accordance with development strategy in short, medium and long term perspective, also with the objectives of production plan, including specific financial indicators;

• organization of work with personnel according to general objectives of organization development and specific directions of personnel policy for achievement of effective enhancement of workers;

• organization of personnel training, coordination of work on advanced training of employees and development of their business career;

• development of system of evaluation of business and personal qualities of workers, motivation of their official growth;

• development of system of reserve training extension, ensuring the continuity of management and reducing the risk of staff losses;

•participation, joint with the heads of structural divisions, in making decisions concerning hiring, transference, preferment, demotion, imposing of administrative punishments, and dismissal of employees;

• focus of personnel management service on achieving production results.

In 1950 there was created the Human Resource Management Department along with the opening of Karaganda State Medical University.

Considerable amount of work, high civil and legal liability connected with correct paperwork, hiring, transference and dismissal of employees of the university under the labor legislation, staffing of the faculty and auxiliary educational staff, workers and employees of required specialties, registration and presentation of an award are just a small part of due list of daily work of employees of the Human Resource Management Department. In addition, Personnel Department holds a contest for vacant positions of academic teaching staff, and since 2011 carries out the certification of the academic teaching staff.

Since 2016 to the Present of the director of the Human Resource Management Department is Kravtsiv Elena Aleksandrovna: Кravciv@qmu.kz, tel: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1235). 

•Chief Specialist of the Department is Dyusembina Dinara Bakenovna: Dyusembina@qmu.kz, tel: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1206). 

•Chief Specialist of the Department is Yun Tatyana Vladimirovna: T.yun@qmu.kz, tel: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1303). 

Staff  of the department:



tel: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1673)



tel: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1515)

Kanatbekova AinurAubakirovna


tel: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1236)

Kanatbekova GulnazAubakirkyzy


tel: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1236)

Kenzhebekova NurgulNurgalievna


tel: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1266)

Makhmetova ZhanarSaparbekovna


tel: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1670)



tel: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1672)

Smagulova Zhanara Nurgalievna


tel: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1510)



тел: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1236)

Shalabaeva AlmagulBirzhanovna


tel: 8 (7212) 50 39 30 (int: 1503)

High level of requirements applicable to employees of Personnel Department, high personal responsibility and professionalism of employees of division ensure success of common cause.