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Open lesson on the Kazakh language

Open lesson on the Kazakh language

07 April 2014

On 28/03/14. an open lesson on the Kazakh language in the group 1-117 foreign department was held by the teacher of Kazakh language A.A.Botabek.

The title of the topic was - «Қалау райдың болымсыз түрі. Адамның дене мүшелері».

  Open lesson passed in the hostel №7. Open lesson was conducted by TBL method. The teacherhad used modern technology including ICT. Because of this, students are actively involved in the learning process. On the lesson students showed us the skills of thinking and speaking on Kazakh  language. Foreign students have shown a great desire to learn the Kazakh language.

Teacher of Kazakh language A.A.Botabek



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