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Cultural exchange programs from "Kazakhstan Council for Educational Travel"

Cultural exchange programs from "Kazakhstan Council for Educational Travel"

01 March 2021

On February 23, 2021, an online meeting of teachers of the Medical University of Karaganda with the Director of the International Exchange Agency "Kazakhstan Council for Educational Travel" (briefly KCET) of the Republic - Ms. Elena Shabalovskaya have taken place.

Last week, KCET already held an online presentation for students of the Karaganda Medical University, where a variety of cultural exchange programs were presented to the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, France, Germany, New Zealand, Malta and other countries for the period of the academic year and summer vacations.

Also at the meeting, information about the services provided by KCET was sounded. Among them are free English language courses, paperwork, various bonus cards.

This information is relevant for teachers under 55. At the end, KCET representatives left contacts for consultation and informing about new proposals.



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