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25 November 2019

The Olympiad "Медициналық мұра", dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be held within the walls of our university for students of all specialties of the 1,2,3 courses.

The Olympiad is held in the following disciplines: anatomy, chemistry, history of Kazakhstan. Only one subject is allowed to participate. Are you ready to compete for I, II, III places and for the titles “Chemist-2019”, “Historian-2019” and “Anatom-2019”? Prove yourself and prove your knowledge. ⠀

The Olympiad will be held on November 30, in the main building of the university on 40 Gogol Street, room 329.

To participate, register by number: 8-778-848-19-88 Aleksin Danila.



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