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Helpful information

BISS 2015 “Latvia – Place for Creative Development”
13 March 2015
Motto: Latvia – challenging creativity in the Baltics, Europe and the world Dates: 21 June- 2 July, 2015 Credits awarded: 5 ECTS BISS 2015 invites for common learning in on the following topics having real exchange of different experiences:
Conditions of an essay competition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War
12 March 2015
Essay contest dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory (hereinafter - Competition) held in the framework of the Action Plan in preparation for the celebration of the 70 th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 of June 05, 2013 with the aim of supporting interest in the history of the Fatherland students , perpetuating the memory of ancestors who died for freedom and independence of their country.
12 March 2015
The department of foreign languages will conduct the Olympiad in English, German languages on the 14th of March, 2015, at 10.00 (classroom №109).
11 March 2015
FCPD’s Department of cardiology and radiodiagnostics diagnostics invites everyone to a public lecture on the topic: "Acute coronary syndrome". Time and place of lecture: 13.03.2015., 10.00 a.m., Clinic "Hippocrat", 10 Krivoguz str., the 2nd floor, conference room.
04 March 2015
A festive holiday dedicated to the celebration of Nauryz will take place in the second hostel of KSMU on 17.03.15 at 18:30.
24 February 2015
Department of Clinical Pharmacology and evidence-based medicine Practical lessons on discipline "Evidence-based medicine in the practice of GPs' for specialty «General Medicine" (GP) for students of 6-059, 6-060 groups of Kazakh language study will begin
To the attention of the 5th-year students of «General medicine»!
20 February 2015
The training on discipline «Neurology, psychiatry and narcology» will be held at the following bases: 5-012 kaz - MF ‘Hippokrat’, 8 Krivoguza Str. 5-032 kaz - MF ‘Hippokrat’, 8 Krivoguza Str. 5-033 kaz - MF ‘Hippokrat’, 8 Krivoguza Str. 5-034 kaz - MF ‘Hippokrat’, 8 Krivoguza Str.
The announcement!!!
20 February 2015
On February 24, the session of student's scientific organizationof neurologydepartment will take place at 16.00. The presence of the organization members is strictly obligatory.
Dear students!
18 February 2015
Members of the department of “Ambulance and emergency medical care №1” prepared the following topics to discuss:
Dear students!
16 February 2015
The Kazan State Medical University invites the 4th year students of "General Medicine" to undertake work practice "The medical assistant of the resident".
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