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Announces the contest for the vacant positions:

School of Dentistry

 Dean – 1 unit

Date and time of the beginning and the end of the reception of documents – from 08 February 2023 to 21 February 2023, till 18.00 hours.

The candidate submits documents to the Secretary of the Competition Commission in person or by e-mail/courier service, needed to participate in the contest, no later than at the indicated deadline.

Application for participation in the competition is written to the Chairman of the Contest Commission. The list of documents, necessary for participation in the competition:

1.  copy of identity card and the original for reconciliation;

2.  a copy of the diploma of higher education, academic and/or academic qualification, document of the academic rank and the original for reconciliation (for persons holding a diploma from another State, it is necessary to provide, passed the procedure of apostilled and nostrified);

3.  Copies of certificates of retraining and advanced training (if available) and the original for reconciliation;

4.  the list of scientific works and inventions (if available), certified for employees of NCJSC «MUK» by the Secretary of the Senate; for employees, who don’t work in NCJSC «MUK» persons, authorized to perform this function in the organization;

5.  and also other documents, confirming the conformance of an applicant to qualification requirements, as specified in the announcement for the competition.

The participant has the right to submit additional information regarding his education, work experience, professional level (list of scientific publications, recommendations from the management of the previous place of work, etc.), and documents, confirming work experience and qualifications.

Persons wishing to participate in the competition for the vacant position of the head of the unit should additionally submit a presentation of your vision and development strategy and unit development strategies.

Qualification requirements for competition participants:

- for the position of dean of the School of Dentistry - higher medical education in the specialty "Dentistry", the presence of an academic degree and (or) an academic master's degree and (or) an academic MBA degree and (or) an academic MBA degree, the presence of a general work experience in the field of education for at least 5 years.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Karaganda city, Gogol Street, 40, Department of Human Resources Management.

secretary of the commission Kalashnikova Liliya

e-mail: Saakyan@qmu.kz

(office 218) tel: 8 (7212) 50-39-30 (internal 1672)