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Department of Oncology was founded in 1974 on thebasis of  Karaganda Regional Oncology Center, and was headed by Professor K. Musulmanbekov.

Department of Oncology offers the following disciplines:“Oncology”, “Oncology with mammology”, “Pediatric oncology”, “Palliative care”, “Oncology aspects in dentistry”, “oral cavity and systems pathology”, “oral cavity pathology”, “visual diagnostics in dentistry”.

Since 2018, the Department of Oncology is headed by Kabildina Nailya Amirbekovna.

Currently at Department work the following:

Kani Musulmanbekov - Professor of the Department of Oncology and Radiology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician of Academy of Natural Sciences of Republic of Kazakhstan, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honorary Citizen of Karaganda and Zhanaarkinsky District.

Makash Tynchtykbekovich Aliakparov - Professor, PhD,Academy of Natural Sciences of Republic of Kazakhstan. For his enormous contribution to the construction of the young sovereign Kazakhstan and outstanding achievements in the medical training he was awarded medals "Astana", "For valiant labor", "10 years of Kazakhstan Constitution", lapel badges "high achiever in healthcare", "Kazakhstan Respublikasy Densaulyk satou SN sdgp" and diploma of II degree ENEA.

Valentina Bronislavovna Sirota - Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of Science and Technology, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences. V.B. Syrota has 37 years of medical practice and 27 years of teaching experience, has the highest qualification category of surgeon-oncologist, more than 280 publications, six monographs, four manuals, 25 certificates of state registration of intellectual property, eight preliminary patents for invention Kazakhstan, speaks at national and international conferences with reports. Under her leadership, defended 6 Ph.D and 2 master theses.

Turgunov Meyram Bayzrahmanovich– Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Beisenaeva Anel Rysbekovna – Head Assistent, Acting Associate Professor

Bukenov Akat Mukhamedievich - Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences.

Indira Milmatovna Omarova –Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences.

Sharipov Amandeldi Zappargalievich -Assistant Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Kulishov Vladimir Alekseevich –Assistant Professor,Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Imendinova Dinara Uisembaevny – Acting Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Kruk Evgenia Vladimirovna – Assistant.

Zhumaliyeva Vera Alexandrovna – Assistant.

Poluektova Yana Leonovna – Assistant.

Fomenko Yuri Mikhailovich – Assistant.

Indira Januzakovna Zhumagalieva,MD, PhD, Assistant.

Gulfairuz Abylayevna Zholdybayeva-master of medical Sciences, assistant.

Inna Polejaeva - master of medical science, assistant.

Anna Vladimirovna Raine-master of medical Sciences, assistant.

Galiya Telibekov Galieva – trainee-assistant.

TatyanaBorisovna Korchagina – trainee-assistant.

The main directions of research and main achievements of the Department.

The main scientific directions of Department of Oncology and Radiology: comprehensive treatment of esophageal cancer; physical and chemical radiosensibilization in cancer of breast, esophagus, cervix, malignant tumors of oral cavity; clinical testing of domestic drug “Arglabin”; modern approaches to medical and social rehabilitation of sick and disabled people in consequence of malignant neoplasms; immunohistochemical study of breast and lung cancers.

Alongside with that, Department is engaged in research on certain issues of clinical oncology.

Department of Oncology and Radiology participated in the development of the State order of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Improvement of methodological bases of medical and social examination and rehabilitation of sick and disabled people with the most common disabling diseases” under 058 code, State registration №0106РК00044 dated 09.03.2006. On topic were written and published 12 guidelines and one monograph for using  in the practice of physicians of medical and social assessment and rehabilitation of cancer patients; 43 publications were released; 9 objects of intellectual property were registered; five theses for the degree of candidate of medical sciences were defended.

The employees of  Department of Oncology and Radiologyin collaboration with Research and Production Holding “Phytochemistry”of MES RK participate in clinical trials of “Arglabin” drug for the treatment of incurable forms of malignant tumors, radiation therapy in cervical cancer, tumors of chest and small pelvis. 26 publications, a provisional patent of RK were issued under the programs.

Department of Oncology and Radiology deals with immunohistochemical study of breast cancer in collaboration with the staff of Anatomic Pathology Department of  Karaganda Regional Oncology Center. 18 publications were released.

4 doctoral and 20 candidate dissertations were defended at the Department;5 Master и 2 PhD theses, 18 monographs, nearly 500 publications, 10 provisional patents were issued; 20 objects of  intellectual property were registered; 60 introductions into practical health care; 7 handbooks were published.

Employees of the Department are protected under the guidance of Professor

M. T. Aliakparova 6 doctoral and 13 master's thesis, masters of medical Sciences 3, published 11 monographs and 2,000 scientific papers in international and national press. Currently, two PhD students are studying.



Oncology and Radiology Department Staff.