Karaganda Medical University
«Medicine and Ecology» journal
Monthly newspaper «Medic»
Rules of work of the Commission and the list of documents

Documents for consideration are accepted until the 10th of the month according to the following list:

a) an application addressed to the Chairman of the Commission download here

b) dissertation work, research project/ or other scientific work;

c) reviews of scientific consultants / supervisors;

d) the conclusion of the department (structural unit) where the dissertation or research project /or scientific work was performed;

e) list of works published in the framework of research/dissertation;

f) the results of the check in the University's anti-plagiarism check system;

g) a positive conclusion of the Bioethics Committee of the University and (or) the central commission on Biological and Medical ethics (for research, the object of which is a person or an animal) (if necessary);

h) a list of primary material for the work (journals, databases, extracts from the medical history, collections of biomaterial, smears, etc.) with the ability to evaluate it.

All materials are submitted electronically in PDF format (file size compression is acceptable) to the e-mail address of the Secretary of the Commission: SmagulovaA@qmu.kz

Contacts for communication: Tel: +7 7212 50 39 30 (ext. 1435) Secretary - Smagulova Asel Adilkhanovna, specialist of the research school.