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Information for first year students

Information for first year students

Dear freshmen!

You became students of the Medical University of Karaganda and received the right to use the funds and information services of the university's library.

1. The structure of the library of the University includes order division and bibliography, a block for servicing scientific and educational literature. The block of servicing scientific and educational literature includes:

¾Delivery desk of educational literature № 1;

¾Delivery desk of educational literature № 2;

¾Delivery desk of scientific literature;

¾ Reading hall and hall of periodicals;

¾ Hall of electronic resources.

2. It is important to remember!

·  You can get literature at home with the help of Delivery desks of educational and scientific literature of the library. Educational literature is issued for one semester, scientific literature - for 14 days.

·  There is literature available in the library fund in a limited amount in the reading room and the hall of periodicals. These are monographs, manuals, reference books, dictionaries, periodicals, small-copy textbooks, teaching and methodological mannuals that can be used in the hall.

·  The hall of electronic resources provides the reader with an electronic catalog, databases, electronic library systems and the Internet.

·  The reader should promptly renew the use of educational and scientific literature in order to avoid misunderstandings. Books borrowed on a nonfiction subscription can be renewed remotely (See Remote Renewal of Literature).

·  In case of loss or damage to books, you will have to compensate the library for the damage caused:

1.  A similar book;

2.  A publication recognized by the library as equivalent to the lost book.

3.  Study the working hours of the departments of the library (see Working hours).

4.  How to find and take the necessary literature to your home.

·  In order to find the required book in the library, you should use the Electronic Catalog.

·  The electronic catalog is available only for library readers. The entrance is carried out by IIN.

·  Title, author, or keywords on the Library page in the «Electronic catalog» section carry out search for a book. In addition, you can consult the duty bibliographer or use the Guidelines for working with electronic resources.