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Dear workers and students!

Dear workers and students!

08 April 2014

Scientific-research center «Youth» in conjunction with the site of the newspaper «Info-tses» invites you to take part in the contest «Myths and legends of Astana», which runs until the 6 of June, 2014.

According to the results of the contest it will be published the guide-book «Myths and legends of Astana» and the sociological studies will be conducted based on the works of the contest, questionnaires, expert interviews. The presentation of the guide-book will take place on the 6 of July, on the day of our Capital birthday.

The detailed information about the contest can be found on sites www.ncyp.kz and www.info-tses.kz. Join to the exciting journey towards our young Capital – the city of the future! We invite to participate all the regions of Kazakhstan, as Astana is the heart of our country, the city, important for every citizen of Kazakhstan! The results of the competition will be entrusted to a competent and respected jury, the winners will receive valuable prizes and gifts!



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