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01 December 2020

In the period of ongoing changes in the development of the world community, giving rise to significant crisis situations and requiring the joint efforts of citizens and their real civic engagement, the strategic task of education should be to outstrip the needs of society, to build the educational system so that the student receives a supply of moral, intellectual, civil forces, necessary not only in order to fit into today's market relations, but also sufficient to be ready to actively act in a changing environment.

In order to form students' multifactorial and cluster type of thinking, skills of designing their own professional career, development of leadership qualities, civic responsibility, involvement in active entrepreneurial and volunteer activities, development of dialogue communication, productive cooperation and personal interaction, the School of Medicine launches a line of meetings with successful people who reached the heights on their own.

The first meeting is planned for December 4, 2020 at 5 pm on the MS Teams platform with the President of the University "Synergy-Kazakhstan", coach, mentor, trainer and successful entrepreneur Kasimbergebaev Baurzhan Tileubergenovich.

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