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Department of Economics and Finance
Department of Economics and Finance

Department of Economics and Finance

Accounting is a structural unit of the Medical University of Karaganda, providing organization and control of financial and economic activities of the University.

Management and management of accounting activities is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and The regulations on accounting.

Main task

- organization of a comprehensive economic analysis of the University and participation in the development of measures for the effective use of material, labor and financial resources.

- ensuring the formation of complete and reliable information about business processes and financial results of activities necessary for operational management and management in accordance with accounting standards, establishing the principles and rules of accounting and financial reporting.

- implementation of the development Plan for 5 years.

- ensuring the safety and effective use of fixed and working capital, labor and financial resources of the University.

- organization of timely payments on obligations to the budget, suppliers and banks.

- providing authorized persons with complete and accurate information about the financial position, performance and changes in the financial position of the University.

The structure of the accounting Department.

Overall management of the accounting Department by the chief accountant Saule Nurmaganbetova Botasheva, graduated from Celina-town farm-technical school of the Ministry of agriculture in 1994, majoring in "accounting and analysis" and Karaganda economic Kazpotrebsoyuz University in 2006, majoring in "accounting and auditing". Total financial experience 30 years, as chief accountant 6 years. Has a certificate of professional accountant.

- Deputy chief accountant Abdrakhmanova K.A, reports directly to the chief accountant and management of the University. Provides rational organization of accounting and reporting at the enterprise and in its divisions

-Maintenance engineer of the program "1 S - accounting" - Lipkalov V. V.-performs regular maintenance of the program, its updates and improvements.

In accounting activities are carried out in several areas:

- Payroll accounting. Accrual, deduction of salaries of staff members of the University.  Currently employed staff: senior accountant - Jurtubaeva Z. O., accountant – Tanauova E. B., Baitasova A. O., Eldashbaeva N. M. Rakhimbekova A. M.,

- Accounting of students and implementation of paid services. Accrual, deduction of scholarships for students enrolled on a budget basis, receipt of tuition fees for students enrolled on a fee basis, the implementation of paid services of the University, accounting for travel expenses. Currently employed employees: senior accountant – A. E. Makhmet, accountant for implementation – Zh. Kosikova, accountant on business trips – A. M. Sabitova.

- Accounting and settlement with Suppliers. Mutual settlements with suppliers are made. Senior accountant – Shaimerdenova G. S., accountant – Dyusenova B., accountant Konyrova A. N.

- The fixed asset accounting and inventory. Transfers, write-off, inventory of OS and TMC are made. Accountants – Kazykenova J. K., G. Zhuzbay G.

All accountants have higher economic education, directly report to the chief accountant, the Deputy chief accountant and the management of the University. In the work are guided by legislative acts, resolutions, orders, orders, other guiding, methodical and normative materials on accounting, and also concerning financial and economic activity of the enterprise.

Contact information: 8 (7212) 50-06-46

1.  Nurmaganbetova S. – IP-1295,  NurmaganbetovaS@kgmu.kz

2.  Abdrahmanova К. - IP-1292,  K.Abdrahmanova@qmu.kz

3.  Lipkalov V. - IP-1298

4.  Zhurtubaeva Z. - IP-1517, Zhurtubaeva@qmu.kz

5.  Tanauova E. - IP-1596, Tanauova@qmu.kz

6.  Baytasova А. - IP-1518, A.Baytasova@kgmu.kz

7.  Eldashbaeva N. - IP-1597, EldashbaevaN@kgmu.kz

8.  Rahimbekova A. - IP-1298, Rahimbekova.A@kgmu.kz

9.  Mahmet А. - IP-1297,  Mahmet@kgmu.kz

10.  Kosikova  Zh.- IP-1516, Kosikova@kgmu.kz

11.  Sabitova A. - IP-1262, Sabitova.A@kgmu.kz

12.  Shaymerdenova S.- IP-1681,Shaymerdenova.S@kgmu.kz

13.  Dyusenova B. - IP-1296, DyusenovaB@kgmu.kz

14.  Konurova A. - IP-1508, KonurovaA@kgmu.kz

15.  Kazykenova J.- IP-1293, Kazykenova@kgmu.kz

16.  Zhuzbay G.- IP-1294, Zhuzbay@kgmu.kz