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The Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology

The Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology

The Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology

The Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology was founded in September 2019, in connection with the merger of the Department of Children's Diseases No. 1 and the Department of Children's Diseases No. 2. At present, the Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Tukbekova Bibigul Toluebaevna.

Tukbekova B.T. graduated from the pediatric faculty of the KSMI with honors in 1991. 1992-1994 clinical residency at the Department of Polyclinic Pediatrics, KSMU. 1994-1999 Assistant at the Department of Polyclinic Pediatrics. Since 2001 she was the head. course of outpatient pediatrics. In 2007 she defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic: "The state of health of rural children with rheumatic fever and chronic glomerulonephritis." In 2009 she received the academic title of professor. Published 84 works, including those on practical health care, 12 teaching aids, of which 3 are for practical health care. He is the co-chairman of the KILI in the base clinic, a member of the qualification commission for assigning medical categories, the chairman of the association of pediatricians and pediatric specialists of the Karaganda region, together with specialists from the Regional Health Department, conducts master classes for doctors on priority issues of pediatrics.

She was repeatedly awarded with certificates of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in 2013 with a certificate of the regional health department.

Dyusenova S.B. Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, has the highest medical category in Pediatrics and Nephrology.

Since 1995 assistant of the department, then since 2003 associate professor of the department "Children's diseases №2", taught disciplines - Children's diseases, nephrology, endocrinology. Member of the "Karaganda Association of Pediatricians and Pediatric Specialists". Kizatova S.T. head teacher of the department for internship and residency, professor, has the highest medical category in pediatrics and neonatology. Member of the Association of Pediatricians of the Karaganda region. The teaching staff of the department is distinguished by high pedagogical, medical qualifications and scientific potential.

The staff of the department is actively introducing effective technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of internal pathology into the educational process and into the work of practical healthcare, conducting training seminars and master classes for doctors. Leading professors, associate professors and employees of the department provide constant specialized advice to patients of the city and region.

The staff of the department are the authors of a large number of publications, including publications included in the indexed databases of the RSCI, Scopus, Thomson-Reuter, teaching aids, guidelines, textbooks, certificates of registration of intellectual property objects.

Professors: Tukbekova B.T., Dyusenova S.B., Kizatova S.T., Skosarev I.A., Eremicheva G.G., Zhupenova D.E., Kenzhetaeva T.A. Associate professors: doctor phD Akhaeva A.S.

Assistants of the professor: G. B. Serikova, A. A. Isaeva, Zh. Zh. Alimshaikhina, N. A. Erimbetova, Aitmukusheva G.S.

Assistants: Kiryanova T.A., Sarmankulova G.A., Nietbaeva R.A., Mamlina Z.N., Maksutova A.K., Kurilova V.V., Tlegenova K.S., Bektursynova A.T., Turlybekova S.A., Moldakasova B.O., Kysabekova A.B.

Assistant-trainees: Iskakova D.V., Goroshko V.O.


The Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology has a wealth of experience in training students, interns and residents, generously transferring the knowledge and skills of a pediatrician. Also, the department trains undergraduates and doctoral students. The educational process is carried out in the specialty "General medicine" in the following disciplines: Introduction to the specialty - 3 course, Basic pathological conditions in pediatrics - 4 course, Childhood diseases - 6 course internship, 7 course "Pediatrics", "GDP", elective disciplines 7 course ... Teaching is conducted in the state, Russian and English languages. In the learning process, active teaching methods are widely used - practical classes using the TBL, CBL, RBL methods, e-learning technologie. Students actively participate in research projects of the department, annually presenting the results of scientific research in the form of reports and publications at international conferences. The staff of the department take part in academic mobility.

The clinical bases of the Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology are the Regional Children's Hospital, the City Children's Hospital, the Regional Perinatal Center, Polyclinic No. 1, Polyclinic No. 5, Polyclinic Miras. Modern, highly efficient equipment, the use of the latest treatment programs allow for training bachelor students, interns pediatricians and ORP at a high level. Individual work of teachers with each student, clinical-theoretical conferences, thematic and clinical rounds, computer training reinforce the knowledge gained.

The scientific direction of the department is actual problems of the child population, cardiology, allergology, endocrinology of the child population.