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The Department of infectious diseases and Phthisiology

The Department of infectious diseases and Phthisiology

The Department of infectious diseases and Phthisiology

The Department of infectious diseases and Phthisiology was reorganized in 2019.

Since 2019, the Department is headed by doctor of medical sciences, Professor N. S. Tabriz. Currently, the Department is working on the specialty infectious diseases for children, honored Professor, doctor of medical sciences Begaydarova R. H., Professor, candidate of medical sciences Alshynbekova G. K., candidate of medical sciences Starikov Y.G., associate Professor, candidate of medical sciences Devdariani H. G., assistant professors Dyusembaeva A. E., Zolotareva O. A., Nasakaeva G. E. and assistant Omarova G. M., specialty infectious diseases adult Professor, candidate of medical sciences Kim A. A., associate professors, candidate of medical sciences Timchenko N. S., candidate of medical sciences Knaus A. N. and PhD Zhunusov E. S., assistant professors Kolmogorova E. L., Beisenova G. R., Khayyrova U. O. And assistant Kasym A. E., Ph. D. associate professors Mutaykhan Zh., PhD Skak K., Assistant professors Kozhamuratov M.T., Serikbayeva N. M. and assistant Researcher Nurtazina Z.B., specialty dermatovenerology assistant Professor Beymbetova M. R.

Employees of the Department are constantly working to improve the pedagogical and qualification level, improve the educational process, take part in international conferences, conduct master classes

The department teaches the disciplines "Children's infectious diseases," "Infectious diseases (adults)," "Phthisiology," "Infectious safety and infectious control in nursing," "Dermatovenereology" for students 3.4,5,6,7 courses of specialties "Dentistry," "General Medicine," Nursing.

Training in residency is carried out in the specialties of infectious diseases, including children, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, including pediatric, gastroenterology, including children's and family medicine.

The staff of the Department is actively involved in scientific research. Based on the results of scientific research, publications were published in publications included in the indexed databases of RSCI, Scopus, Thomson-Reuter, etc. Pre-patents and innovative patents, certificates of registration of intellectual property objects were obtained. Employees of the Department took part in organizing and conducting scientific and practical conferences and master classes, made scientific reports at international conferences. The Department has a student scientific circle. The results of students ' research are reported in national and international student conferences and published in scientific journals.

Medical work of the Department is carried out on the basis of the Regional clinical hospital, the Regional center of Phthisiopulmonology and the clinic of the "Medical University of Karaganda" NJSC according to the "agreement on joint work of the Department with basic institutions". The Department provides methodological guidance and direct participation in all types of medical work in basic institutions. Employees of the Department perform consulting work, supervise patients, travel through the air ambulance to provide assistance to medical institutions in the city, Karaganda region, the Republic of Kazakhstan.