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The Compliance Officer
The Compliance Officer

The Compliance Officer

The Compliance Officer


The Compliance Officer of NCJSC "Karaganda Medical University" - Urmashov Alexander Nikolaevich. He has two higher educations: Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology.

Prior to his appointment to the position of compliance officer, he worked as the head of the department at the state institution “Kogamdyk kelisim” of the apparatus of akim of the Karaganda region, in various positions in the KMU. The Member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, the member of the Youth Affairs Council under the Akimat of the Karaganda region.

The Compliance Officer - an employee of the Company who is not a member of the Board of Directors or of the Company's Board,appointed by the Board of Directors of the Company. In his activity, the Compliance Officer is accountable and subordinated to the Board of Directors of the Company.

The Compliance Officer carries out his activities in accordance with the norms of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter, the Code, this Regulation, other internal documents of the Company, as well as decisions of the Board of Directors and the Sole Shareholder.

The Compliance Officer functions are:

In order to carry out the tasks, the compliance officer is assigned the following functions:

1) development of internal documents on anti-corruption issues in the Company;

2) development and updating of standards and policies in the field of anti-corruption compliance;

3) making proposals on changing existing or canceling internal documents of the Company that do not comply with the anti-corruption policy;

4) conducting explanatory activities on anti-corruption issues and the formation of an anti-corruption culture;

5) taking measures to identify, monitor and resolve conflicts of interest;

6) monitoring for compliance by employees of a quasi-public sector entity belonging to the category of persons equated to persons authorized to perform state functions with anti-corruption restrictions in accordance with the legislation;

7) monitoring compliance by the Company's employees with anti-corruption legislation, including internal documents of the company aimed at the formation of an anti-corruption culture and academic integrity;

8) conducting an internal analysis of corruption risks with the involvement of representatives of civil and business community institutions;

9) ensuring public disclosure of information on the results of the internal analysis of corruption risks;

10) conducting official inspections based on appeals (complaints) about corruption and/or participation in them;

11) coordination of work to reduce corruption risks in the activities of a quasi-public sector entity;

12) assistance to the authorized anti-corruption body in conducting an external analysis of corruption risks in the Company's activities;

13) monitoring and analysis of changes in anti-corruption legislation, judicial practice in cases related to corruption.

14) organization of interaction of the Company with interested state bodies, public organizations on the formation of principles of integrity and anti-corruption culture;

15) preparation of a quarterly report on the measures taken to prevent corruption for the Board of Directors and the Management Board;

16) preparation of an annual report on the measures taken to prevent corruption for the Sole Shareholder.

Contact details:

E-mail: Urmashov@qmu.kz

Tel. +7 7212 503930 (internal 1273)

Gogol Street 40, 302 office

The position of the compliance officer of the KMU