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Internal Audit Service
Internal Audit Service

Internal Audit Service

Internal Audit Service

The Internal Audit Service of MUK NCJSC is a structural subdivision of the Organization that monitors and evaluates the financial and economic performance of the Organization, audits the risk management of the internal control system, monitors the implementation of the academic integrity and anti-corruption policies, clinical audit, execution of documents in the field of corporate governance and consulting for the purposes of improvement of the activities of the Organization.

The mission of the Service is to provide the necessary assistance to the Board of Directors and the management of the Organization by informing about the risks for the effective and efficient performance of duties to achieve the strategic goals of the Organization.

The main goal of the Service is to provide the Board of Directors of the University with independent and objective information designed to ensure the effective management of the Organization by introducing a systematic approach to improving the processes of risk management, internal control and corporate governance.

The main tasks of the Service are:

• Audit and evaluation of indicators of financial and economic activities of the Organization;

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of the result-oriented budget;

• audit of risk management of the internal control system in the Organization;

• assessment of the reliability, completeness, objectivity of the accounting system and preparation of the Organization's financial statements on its basis;

-clinical audit;

• assessment of compliance by the Organization with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and assessment of the adequacy of systems and procedures created and applied to ensure compliance with these requirements (compliance control);

• assessment of the rationality and efficiency of the use of the resources of the Organization and the methods (methods) used to ensure the safety of the assets of the Organization;

• assessment of the improvement of the corporate governance process in the Organization;

• methodological support and coordination of activities of the internal audit services of subsidiaries and jointly controlled organizations of the Organization.

Employees of the Internal Audit Service have the necessary professional qualifications and personal qualities sufficient to perform the duties assigned to the Internal Audit Service. Employees of the service annually improve their professional skills by undergoing training on specialized issues. Organization, independence, conscientiousness and discipline, unconditional implementation of work plans are the main components of the successful functioning of the Internal Audit Service.

Kabyshev Zhanat

Kabyshev Zhanat graduated from the Karaganda Cooperative Institute in 1980 with a degree in accounting with the qualification of an economist. By the decision of the National Certification Commission № 1195 dated 10/19/2016, the qualification of a state auditor was awarded to him. He has passed a certificate in International Financial Reporting Standards for the Public Sector Assessment until December 2020. For merits in the field of the financial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, he was awarded the jubilee medal " Қазақстан республикасының Тәүелсіздігіне 25 жыл ", " Қазақстан республикасының Қаржы министрлігіне 100 жыл ", " Енбек ардагері ", the badge " Қаржы кызметінің үздігі ".

Professional activity:

Auditor of the Tselinograd Regional Consumer Union, Auditor-Inspector of the Department of Finance of the Karaganda Region, Chief Inspector-Inspector, Head of the Department for the Execution of Control Measures. From 2008 to 2022 - Deputy Head of the Department of Internal State Audit in the Karaganda region.

Since May 2022, he has been working as the auditor of the internal audit service of MUK NJSC.