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  The department of physical education was organized in 1950 (course at that time).The First Head of the course was head teacher I.P. Shevelev.

  Shevelev Igor Petrovich was born in Kazan in 1922. Since 1946 he had worked in Kazan Medical University and was transferred to the restructured Karaganda State Medical University in 1950 were he headed the department of physical education.

  Then the department was run by M.S. Seralyev.

  From 1951 to 1955 the department was run by Y.A Hayrova. Yuldus Abdulaevna  graduated from Kazakh Medical University in 1950. All years she spent in the university she devoted to physical culture and sport. She was the eminent promoter of the mass sporting activities throughout the life.

  From 1955 to 1957 the department was run by S.I Bekhnazarov.

  From 1957 to 1986 the department was run by P.N Vostrikov.

  Vostrikov Pavel Nikolaevich graduated from Kazakh State Institute of Physical Culture in 1952 and was assigned to work to the Karaganda State Medical University to the Physical Education Department. While working as the head teacher of the mass sporting activities he has proven himself as a well-qualified leader and organizer. From 1957 to 1986 he was elected to the Head of the department. The time of his heading of the educational process and sports work was noted by higher authorities. His students took the first prizes in competitions in Kazakhstan as well as on All-union competitions of the medical universities. They took honourable prizes in the district, urbane and regional competitions.

   From 1986 to 2017 the department was run by A.V.Klimov.

Alexander Viktorovich Klimov graduated from Karaganda Pedagogical Institute of Physical Education in 1978. According to his own wish, he was assigned to work to Shevchenko town (Mangyshlak region). Since 1979 he worked at the Karaganda State Medical University as the teacher of Department of Physical Education. Later, according to the results of the competition, he was elected as the head teacher and in 1986 he became the Head of the Department. The skilled organizer and leader, who devoted a lot of labor and skills to the formation and improvement of the department’s work, he was awarded the badge "Honorary Worker of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

  Thefollowinghigh-qualifiedprofessorshaveworkedatthedepartmentindifferentyears and madecontributionsinthetrainingofmedicalpersonnel: professorsD.AKarakay, G.KMayer, D.FMatuschak, N.ADort-Golts, M.DLi, V.PUvarov, V. BZorin, R.RVoskanov, V.KBezgacheva, L.FStarova, A.DGolunova, O.GVolter, A.VHudyakov, V.ARayko, V.MAlikov, I.IPuhova, A.SSagimbaev, V.ERyabkov, A.VKonradi, A.VLapsar', I.SFilyov, V.ORozhkov, F.ABatirov, E.VKosyakov, A.ITin'kov, N.IVolkov, L.FLavrova, L.IKarpenko, G.PAtamanskaya, S.BBisingalyeva, D.DMukushev, E.SMischenko. Laboratory assistants: G.D Klimashina, L.I Podorskaya, M.L Kudryashova, M.T Ahmetova.


The great importance was always attached to the sports of the highest achievements.

  There had been trained 5 world-class athletes, more than 20 Masters of Sport, 23 candidates for Master of Sport and 30 first-grade athletes.

  On the course of athletic skills improvement more than 300 students had been studying and many of them have good achievements in sports. Athletes such as V. Shirinskyi, S. Bondarenko, M. Banykin, E. Sineokova were the members of Kazakh national athletics team. O. Kovalenko is the member of the Kazakhstan national football team. The coach of weightlifting team F.A Gatin trained 4 world-class athletes: A Kutysheva, N. Suhacheva, O. Zolotaryova and also more than 20 Masters of Sport: B. Karatayev, Y. Grigoryev, S. Gavrelyuk, R. Mustupaev, E. Kutikov, V. Luzin, A. Kim, S. Kulzhamanov, D. Albrandt, A. Bekbusunov, S. Sykpabaev, A. Gardok, O. Yushina, V. Bazhan, G. Momotova, A. Idrisova, V. Parahina. A Kutysheva, N. Suhacheva, O. Zolotaryova and D. Albrandt were members of the Kazakh national weightlifting team.

  Volleyball players of KSMA are the multiple volleyball prize winners of the Kazakhstan Republic: S. Goremykina, M. Shmoylova, A. Miheeva, N. Geveyler, I. Bityukova, A. Chekurskova and also Masters of Sport O. Grushko, E. Plahtiyi, N. Kirzhaeva, M. Poletavkina were members of the Kazakh national team. Coach of the team is a merited coach of the Kazakhstan Republic – Voskanov Robert Rafaelovich.

M. Kurilkina and N. Shuktueva are judo masters of sport. Young judo players such as D. Gabdullina, S. Toybekova, T. Dragolceva, A. Freze, N. Shuktueva, S. Sapargalieva showed very good results. They also showed good results in hand-to-hand fight. Their coach is Shedin Nikolay Dmitrievich. Powerlifting world-class athlete Golubev V demonstrates excellent results. He took the first place in the World Championships in the Republic of South Africa, the second place in the Asia Championship and he is a multiple winner of the Kazakhstan Republic Championship.

  Since 2017 the Department has been running by Kovalenko Lyudmila Vladimirovna. Lyudmila Vladimirovna had been working in the Department since 1992; she graduated from Karaganda Pedagogical Institute  in 1992 and was assigned to work to the Karaganda Medical State University. She had worked as the Head teacher, was responsible for methodological work, was the director of studies. She has proven herself as an well-qualified specialist, then she was elected to the Head of the Department, there she is working now. In September 2018 the Department was renamed to the Centre of Physical Health.

  Currently the following well-qualified professors are working at the Centre of Physical Health, which consists of 8 head teachers: L.M Zhukova, L.A Kuchina, S.N Dolmatova, E.A Kim, M.N Tunickaya, E.A Rayngardt, I.D Smirnova, N.D Muhamedyanova, A.K Tusupbekova, R.B Timershina, S.T Tusupbayev, A.S Moldabekova. There also laboratory assistants who work at the department: G.Z Muzaparova, I.A Lavrienko, S.H Bayguzieva, E.V Berdina, T.E Gladinova, K.A Dzhumekenov.

  The staff of physical education faculty

  Physical education classes are held on two years of education of all the faculties and specialties in the main, preparatory, special medical group and medical physical therapy group.

  The main aim of the Department is to train well-qualified doctors, true supporters and promoters of the healthy lifestyle. There are sport sections of the volleyball, basketball, table tennis, athletics, fitness, football, chess, checkers, skiing, kazakhsha kures and toguz-kumalak. Students have opportunity to participate in traditional games such as “Between faculties”, “Dormitories”, “Freshman”.

  Athletes of our university defend the honour of the university in the competitions of different levels. They actively participate in the district, urbane and regional competitions. The Centre of Physical Health is opened to new ideas and always ready to put it into practice.