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Dental clinic
Dental services

Dental services

Dental services

Services of the dental clinic:

·  Consultation and diagnosis - an individual approach

·  Therapy

·  Treatment of uncomplicated dental caries

·  Treatment of complicated dental caries

·  Restoration of teeth

·  Art restoration of teeth

·  Laminating of teeth

·  Professional oral hygiene

·  Periodontology

·  Treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa

·  Treatment of periodontal diseases, incl. With the use of the apparatus "Vector"

·  Removal of supragingival and subgingival dental deposits

·  Hydromassage


·  Tooth Extraction

·  Removal of retention cysts

·  Plastic surgery of the oral cavity (plastic of the frenum of the tongue and upper lip)

·  Ambulatory operations of maxillofacial area

·  Implantology of teeth

·  Installation of dental implants

·  Prosthetic implants


·  Prosthesis with partial and complete absence of teeth - removable and non-removable prosthetics

·  Prosthetics for defects in hard tissues of the teeth - inserts, pin teeth, veneers

·  Prosthetics for abnormal abrasion of teeth - kappa, apparatus

children's dentistry

·  Remineralizing teeth therapy

·  Treatment of dental caries and their complications

·  Treatment of caries of permanent teeth and their complications

·  Restoration of teeth

·  Professional oral hygiene

·  Preventive actions


·  Correction of occlusion

·  Correction of abnormal positions of individual teeth with a bracket system and adapted removable structures

·  Elimination of dentoalveolar anomalies in children with congenital pathology of maxillofacial area

Diagnostic services

o  X-ray study of the dental digital computer system Dexis (visionograph)

o  Digital panoramic, cephalometric and 3D visualizations, 3D photos and 3D model scanning with the help of the PlanmecaProMax 3D Classic

o  Physiotherapy

o  Galvanization + Electrophoresis

o  UHF-therapy

o  Darsanvalization

o  Ultrasound therapy

o  Bioptronotherapy

§  UFO-therapy.

Dental care within the framework of compulsory social health insurance:

·  Orthodontic care for children of the city of Karaganda and Karaganda region with congenital pathology of the maxillofacial area with the use of an apparatus for eliminating dentoalveolar anomalies (orthodontic plate).

·  Emergency dental care (acute pain) for a socially vulnerable population (children under 18, pregnant, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, disabled 1, 2, 3 groups, mothers with many children, awarded pendants "Altyn alka", "Kumis alka"; Recipients of targeted social assistance, retirees by age):

·  Planned dental care for children and pregnant women (except for orthodontic and orthopedic).

·   Preventive examinations of the oral cavity of the decreed category of children under the age of 18, attached to LLP of the Primary Health Care Center in Karaganda

The list of pre-school and school education organizations,

Subject to preventive examinations

Name of organization


School organization of education


"Lyceum № 2"

Lenina st, 60


"Gymnasium № 3

Bulvar mira st, 25


High School No. 41

N. Abdirova Avenue, 37а


School № 63"

 Lobody st, 26


"Gymnasium No. 38"

N.Abdirov Avenue, 30 A


"Regional specialized boarding school named after Nurmakov"

st. Alikhanova, 36/2


"Regional specialized boarding school for gifted children" Murager "

Gogolya st, 46а


Gymnasium № 1

Bulvar mira st, 6


Gymnasium №92

Erubaeva 43 st

Pre-school education organization


Duman Kindergarten

Erubaeva 48 st



Lobody st, 8



Lobody st, 11



N. Abdirova Avenue, 48/4

Paid dental services

Paid dental services clinic renders according to the Price List of dental services prices  

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Student reception

Student reception (therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic, receptions, according to the Price List) under the supervision of the teaching staff of the departments of the dental profile is carried out for all categories of students and employees of the НАО «МУК», the population with a discount of 30% of the cost of services.