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Anar Akylbekovna Turmukhambetova

Acting Board Chairman-Rector, Vice-rector for Strategic Development and Science

Anar Akylbekovna Turmukhambetova

In 1992, Anar Akylbekovna Turmukhambetova graduated with honors from the Department of general medicine of Karaganda State Medical Institute. In 1994, after graduation from the clinical residency of the Department of Hospital Therapy KSMI she continued her academic activities as an assistant of the internal medicine department. In 1999, she defended the candidate’s thesis in radiodiagnosis and radiation therapy 14.00.19. Since 2000, Anar Akylbekovna was the head of the Radiodiagnosis Department of the Doctors Improvement Faculty in the Kazakh State Medical Academy. Since 2007, she was the head of Radiodiagnosis and nuclear medicine department in Astana Republican Diagnostic Center. Then from 2010 till September 2012, A. A. Turmukhambetova worked as an academic secretary of the Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. Since September 2012, she is the Vice-Rector for Research of KMU.

In 2007, Anar Akylbekovna studied in Columbian university (USA) in the management of scientific research. Since that time, she actively implements the international research standards in health care. She lectures on the clinical epidemiology and biostatistics at the Republican Centre for Healthcare Development, Medical University "Astana". She participates in scientific investigation of scientific and technical programs and projects. She studied at the European School of Radiology (Graz, Austria).

In 2010, A. A. Turmukhambetova defended her PhD thesis in radiodiagnosis and radiation therapy 14.00.19.

For many years A. A. Turmukhambetova carries out researches in the field of osteoporosis and applied aspects of radiation diagnosis usage in clinical practice.

She is the chief editor of the "Medicine and Ecology" magazine, the author of 1 monograph, 1 teaching guide, 2 patents and more than 50 publications. Anar Akylbekovna is the member of European Society of Radiologists and the Association of Radiologists of Kazakhstan.

For her services in the medicine and medical science development in the Republic of Kazakhstan she was awarded the badge "The high achiever in the Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and the certificate of Merit from the Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

e-mail:  turmuhambetova@qmu.kz