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Сertification audit

Сertification audit

In 2018, the Karaganda Medical University conducted an external assessment of the effectiveness of the university’s quality management system by the Russian Registry Certification Association in the following areas:

- development and provision of educational services in the field of higher and postgraduate professional education in the field of medicine, including experimental educational programs;

- rendering of medical and diagnostic services;

- conducting scientific research;

- provision of  library and information services;

- reference and bibliographic services;

- management of the fund of educational and scientific literature;

- clinical studies of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment.

The certification was successful with the issuance of a certificate of conformity to ISO 9001:2015.

In November 2018 was passed a surveillance audit by the certification Association «Russian register».

In 2020, he was re-certified by the by certification Association «Russian register» (Russia).

According to the results of external evaluation of the quality management system of Karaganda Medical University, a positive decision was made that the university established and maintains a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard and demonstrated the ability of the system to systematically achieve agreed requirements for services within the scope of the system.